Fox Mountain Bike Forks: Enhancing Your Riding Experience

As a passionate mountain biker, having the right suspension fork is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable ride. In this article, I’ll delve into the world of Fox mountain bike forks, discussing their evolution, reviewing the 2022 Fox 34, exploring specialized E-Bike forks, and looking into future innovations. By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of the diverse options Fox offers and the best fork for your riding style.

The Evolution of Fox Mountain Bike Forks

Early History of Fox Shocks and Suspension Forks

Fox has a rich history in shocks and suspension forks, dating back to their introduction of the first mountain bike suspension fork in 2001. Since then, they have continuously evolved their offerings to cater to the needs of various riders and disciplines.

Introduction of the First Mountain Bike Suspension Fork in 2001

Fox’s journey into the mountain bike suspension market began in 2001 with their first suspension fork, setting a benchmark for performance and innovation.

Progression and Development of Different Fork Series

Over the years, Fox has introduced several fork series, each tailored to specific riding styles and terrains.

32 Series for Cross-Country and Light Trail Riding

fox mountain bike forks
32 series is designed for cross-country and light trail riding, offering lightweight performance and agility for fast and efficient rides on smoother terrain.

34 Series for All-Around Trail Use

fox mountain bike forks
34 series caters to all-around trail use, striking a balance between weight, stiffness, and travel, making it a popular choice for versatile riders.

36 Series for Heavy-Duty Trail and All-Mountain Riding

For those seeking heavier-duty performance and aggressive all-mountain riding, the 36 series provides the necessary capabilities and durability.

38 Series for Enduro Riding

38 series is specifically built for enduro riding, delivering robustness and control during demanding descents and technical sections.

Dual Crown 40 Series for Downhill and Extreme Gravity Riding

The dual crown 40 series is the go-to choice for downhill and extreme gravity riding, offering unmatched stability and handling at high speeds and over challenging terrain.

Fox 34 Suspension Fork Review

Overview of the 2022 Fox 34

The 2022 Fox 34 is an upgraded and smoother fork, boasting a new chassis, revised air spring, and reduced pressure build-up. Available in 130mm and 140mm travel versions, it caters to various riding preferences.

Upgrades and Improvements in the 2022 Model

The 2022 Fox 34 comes with GRIP2 or FIT4 damper options, providing riders with more tuning possibilities. Despite being lighter than its predecessor, the 2022 model maintains similar stiffness, ensuring optimal handling and control.

New Chassis and Reduced Pressure Build-up

The redesigned chassis enhances overall performance and responsiveness, reducing pressure build-up during intense rides.

GRIP2 or FIT4 Damper Options

The availability of GRIP2 and FIT4 damper options allows riders to customize their suspension settings for precise control over different terrains.

Available Travel Versions

The availability of 130mm and 140mm travel versions ensures compatibility with a wide range of bikes and riding styles.

Maintaining Stiffness While Reducing Weight

Despite being lighter, the 2022 Fox 34 retains its stiffness, offering stability and confidence during aggressive maneuvers.

Enlarged Crown for Better Aesthetics and Integration

The enlarged crown not only improves aesthetics but also enhances compatibility with modern head tubes, ensuring a seamless and integrated look.

Exclusion of Floating Axles and Bleeder Valves

To prioritize weight reduction and optimal performance, Fox has omitted floating axles and bleeder valves from the 2022 Fox 34.

Popularity of the Fox 34 Among Bike Brands

The Fox 34 is commonly used by bike brands, making it a popular choice for new bikes. Its reliability and performance have garnered trust among manufacturers and riders alike.

Price Range of the Fox 34

The price of the Fox 34 suspension fork ranges from $849 to $1,089, depending on the selected options and features, making it a competitive choice in the market.

Fox E-MTB Suspension

Introduction to Fox’s Specialized E-Bike Forks

Fox Suspension offers specialized E-Bike forks to address the unique demands of electric mountain bikes.

E-Tuned Forks Designed for E-Bikes

E-Tuned forks are specifically tuned for E-Bikes, considering the weight, added forces, and riding style. These forks use a custom compression tune in the damper and air spring, providing better performance and handling for E-Bike riders.

Custom Compression Tune and Air Spring

The custom compression tune and air spring optimize the fork’s performance for the specific needs of E-Bike riders.

Improved Performance and Handling for E-Bikes

E-Tuned forks have received positive feedback from customers, who have experienced noticeable improvements in their E-Bike’s overall performance and handling.

Future Innovations in Fox Forks

Fox Factory’s Patent for Self-Lubrication System

Fox Factory has filed a patent detailing a self-lubrication system for their mountain bike forks, potentially bringing significant improvements to models like the 36, 38, and 40.

Utilizing Bushing-Housed Ball Bearings for Reduced Binding

The self-lubrication system utilizes bushing-housed ball bearings, reducing binding at slacker head angles and ensuring continuous lubrication for smoother suspension performance.

Potential Improvements for the 36, 38, and 40 Models

The patent’s mention of a coil sprung fork with adjustable travel hints at the possibility of a new XC/Downcountry fork from Fox or their sister-brand, Marzocchi.

Emphasizing the Importance of Selecting the Right Fox Mountain Bike Forks

Selecting the right Fox mountain bike fork is crucial for enhancing your riding experience and maximizing performance on the trail. Consider your riding style, terrain preferences, and budget to make an informed decision.


As an enthusiast and advisor, I’ve shared valuable insights into the world of Fox mountain bike forks. From the evolution of their fork series to the review of the 2022 Fox 34 and specialized E-Bike forks, there’s a perfect match for every rider. The future looks promising with potential innovations in self-lubrication technology, making Fox forks even more desirable for mountain biking enthusiasts.


How Much Does the Fox 34 Suspension Fork Cost?

The price of the Fox 34 suspension fork ranges from $849 to $1,089, depending on the selected options and features.

What Makes the Fox 38 Series Suitable for Enduro Riding?

The Fox 38 series is designed specifically for enduro riding, offering robustness and control during demanding descents and technical sections.

Are the E-Tuned Forks Compatible with All E-Bikes?

Yes, E-Tuned forks are compatible with most E-Bikes and provide improved performance and handling tailored to the demands of electric mountain biking.

Can I Retrofit the Self-Lubrication System to Older Fox Forks?

As of now, information about retrofitting the self-lubrication system to older Fox forks is not available in the provided sources. It would be best to consult with a Fox authorized service center for any potential updates or compatibility options.

Does the Fox F29 Terralogic Fork Come with a Warranty?

The presence of a warranty for the Fox F29 Terralogic fork is not mentioned in the provided sources. For warranty information, it is recommended to refer to Fox’s official website or contact their customer support.

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